How You Got Your Baby to Sleep Through the Night with Comfort

How You Got Your Baby to Sleep Through the Night with Comfort

As a parent of a new born baby, it is very likely for your concern to always be in and around your baby to provide them utmost comfort and choose the best for them.

To provide the best care we can for our babies, we start with extensive research, taking feedback from fellow parents, and trying various products to find the perfect one for our little one. With a million criteria, we choose the one we feel fits the best for our kid.

Keeping all the above factors in mind, little by navya has now come up with baby organic muslin swaddles for you to choose nothing but the best for your little munchkin.


Night time is where the problem usually occurs for most of the parents where your child is unable to sleep and acts fussy which at the same time ruins your sleep schedule too. 

Have you ever wondered that this maybe because of some kind of discomfort that the baby is facing which prevents them from having a peaceful sleep? This is why you would always want to choose the top quality, softest swaddles for your little one that your baby would love to snuggle and sleep in.


If you are a new mom, all you want to do is protect your baby from the chilly winds and dropping temperature. As a newborn's immunity is still developing, they’re prone to infections which might always keep you on your toes. We at little by navya, provide you with organic swaddles.
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