We thought you'd never ask.

Got a question? You're not the only one! Below you'll find the answers to the most common little question we get asked. If you don't find the answers you are looking for, please contact us over email at care@littlebynavya.com or whatsapp us at +918591389287


How do I know you have got my order?

I want items from the same order to be shipped to different addresses. Is this possible?

Can I change my shipping address after the order has been dispatched?

Do you offer Free Shipping?

Do you ship internationally?

Can I add new items to an existing order?

I need to change something on my order, how can I do that?

My Order just won’t go though, what do I do?

When will my Order get dispatched?

My order has been dispatched; I want to know where it is?

Can I cancel my order?

Why was my order canceled? I didn’t do it.

Can I track my order?


What is your Return and Refund Policy?


What are the available Payment Options?

Do you offer Cash On Delivery (COD)?

The payment got deducted but I didn't recieve any order confirmation?

Are my details safe?

I got a message from my bank twice. Was I charged twice?